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Our team

gameshuttlelabs, moonshot, Balazs Horv√°th

Bal√°zs Horv√°th

Game general
Physicist turned philosopher of technology with a deep affection for hobby board games.
gameshuttlelabs, moonshot, Balazs Török

Balázs Török

Marketing data doctor
Science communication and online marketing expert with great goals and even more words!
gameshuttlelabs, moonshot, Balazs Alm√°dy

Bal√°zs Alm√°dy

Game designer genius
Physicist and programmer who loves games, be it PC or tabletop. 
gameshuttlelabs, moonshot, Dóra Milánkovics

Dóri Milánkovich

Community commander
Physicist and space research specialist. Also knows how to write tenders and manage projects.
gameshuttlelabs, moonshot, Vera Enyingi

Vera Enyingi

Efficiency enforcer
Astrophysicist and software tester who likes to get things done. Bug- and bullshit-hunter.

The story

Game Shuttle Labs is a board game publishing studio founded in 2018, when our team of science communicators and physicists sat down in one of the board game cafés in Budapest and decided to create a tabletop game celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing.

Our mission is to popularize science playfully, and to discover the traditional and new ways of board game design and publishing via our first game.

How has it been started?

If you want to learn more about us watch this video:





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